Chapel Street Precinct’s world-class restaurants and cafes have again banded together during this lockdown, encouraging locals to order direct and personally pick up their takeaway order so more money goes to Australian hospitality workers. 

Over 300 world-class cafes and restaurants across the three iconic suburbs that make up Australia’s largest retail and entertainment precinct, South Yarra, Prahran and Windsor, have created the ‘World’s Largest Drive-Thru’. Ready for you to Click & Collect.

We can assure you that all our Chapel Street Precinct eateries are leading the way in practicing COVIDSafe measures. Contactless pick-up is available at most of our restaurants and cafes.

Hair-whaaat?! | Barberesso (Prahran)
*Filmed prior to mask regulations

Seal Armstrong | Tommy Ruff Fish Bar (Windsor)
*Filmed prior to mask regulations

Pizza Cheetah | Ladro TAP (Prahran)
*Filmed prior to mask regulations

Many Chapel Street Precinct businesses are getting savvy with their takeaway offerings to ensure you can still enjoy your fave dishes safely while, importantly, helping staff stay employed and their business (livelihood) stay afloat.

We are calling on you (our loyal locals) to offer a helping hand so our Chapel Street Precinct businesses can survive and so the cafes and restaurants you love can be standing after this is over. So, instead of ordering takeaway through one of the delivery apps who are charging eateries up to a 35% commission, we ask that when possible you call direct and collect. This will help our local businesses retain their profits and in turn be able to make enough to survive this lockdown.

For a rolling list of Chapel Street Precinct restaurants and cafes you can order takeaway from, click here

We are hoping all Melburnians call & safely collect during lockdown. Need more inspiration? Just watch the creative ways this guy has gone and done it…

Iso Date Night (dinner table romance) | Alison’s Corner Shop & Bread (Prahran)
*Pie & sauce are dog-friendly!

It’s Pretzel Day | Pretzel (South Yarra)

Gnocchi on the Blocky, Picked up by a Doggy | Lover (Windsor)

Skateboard Drive-Thru! | Chacho’s (Windsor)

The Faster You Run, The Faster The Food | California Burgers (Windsor)

Taking Social Distancing to the Next Level | Dilly Daly (South Yarra)

Coffee after yoga can give you a surprisingly big kick in your step | eeffoc (Prahran)

The Chapel Cookie Monster | The Cookie Box (Windsor)

Straight From a Hot Shower to a Hot Burrito | Jalisco Mexican (Windsor)

I Can’t Wait To Touch You | Revolver Lane (Prahran)

Cheesy Football Skills | A25 Pizza (South Yarra)

Dining For One | Thirty Eight Chairs (South Yarra)
*Obvs your food would be served in a takeaway container and you would eat it at home.


Q. Why is Chapel Street now one massive drive-through?
A. Because when Melbourne’s best strip of eateries gets hit with a pandemic, they ingeniously and quickly pivot to top-shelf hygiene pick-ups only! Giving us a 2,800 meter long drive-thru featuring some of the best eateries in Australia!  Simply call the food joint that’s tinklin’ ya tastebudz, then go and safely fetch your feed! How lucky are we to have such high quality food on call for our bellies during lockdown?

Q. How can I do my bit to help support local businesses through this pandemic?
A. Delete ya delivery apps!! Go old-school! Buzz ya favourite local friendly food dispenser, make your order with a smile then not only will they feel your great vibez lifting their mood, you’ll also be saving them a whopping 35% commission that corporate delivery apps charge them!  So it’s kinda like you’re giving them free smiles and 35% more buckaroonies in their back pocket. Two ways you can help them through these tricky times.

Q. Are many Chapel Street Precinct eateries still open during the five-day lockdown? I thought most of them were shut?!
A. You bet, ya scally-wag! Cafes and restaurants are still permitted to continue take-away and home delivery. They will remain open as long as they can. Most have cleverly shifted to takeaway, which now makes one Chap-lap. Lucky we’re surrounded with such optimistic creative local businesses, seeking new opportunities and doing it the Aussie Battler way. Come-on ya legends!

Q. Is it safe for me to drive and collect my food?
A. About as safe as a piece of bacon at a bar mitzvah!  Our local businesses have taken the same level of exaggerated pride you see Donald Trump taking in his ego, and applied it to something useful… their sanitary practices. Standards high enough to put the most severe of hypochondriacs at ease. Just make sure you don’t travel more than 10km from your home to collect and wear a mask whenever you leave home, unless an exception applies.

Chapel Street traders turn to drive-by dining

Chapel Street traders have been forced to find new ways to keep business afloat. ‘Drive-by dining’ is being trialled at more than 150 cafes and restaurants - to keep doors open and staff employed. #7NEWS

Posted by 7NEWS Melbourne on Monday, May 4, 2020


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