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Destination Marketing Strategic Plan 2019:23 “The Blue Sky Ahead”

This Chapel Street Precinct Association document is a summary of our marketing vision for the next four years for both our members and the council. The following strategic overview will demonstrate our commitment to act on trader feedback and to make sure that individual traders in all business categories and sections of Chapel Precinct are heard, plus have the opportunity to leverage their own business via world-class destination marketing campaigns.


We hope the awareness from this campaign may help people think twice about ‘staying in’ and potentially wake them up to support their local faves by highlighting the real impact of lifestyle changes. We want to educate our consumers so, before they spend the whole weekend inside binge viewing on the couch, they understand the impact. Or before they order a dress online from overseas, they understand the impact. Or before they choose to order their dinner via a delivery app, they understand the impact. CSPA will boldly be the first to come out and at least begin the conversation that sitting on the couch could be killing your local faves.

The First Instalment
Title – 5-second rule 
Convenience is great, however, businesses cannot survive forever on such thin margins after the likes of Uber Eats take their massive 35% cut from the order and the restaurant net profit. Delivery also damages the quality of the food arriving at your door and in turn the reputation of a business. If we all don’t get back out and dine in, before we know it our favourites may be gone forever or they will just be a closed warehouse with nowhere left to dine in and go out with friends. Get off the couch! #lifeswaitingonchapel
The Second Instalment
Title – The perils of a sedentary lifestyle
Did you leave the house all weekend? Are you looking pale and unhealthy?! Do you lose hours mindlessly scrolling on Facebook and Instagram? Social connections and regular social interaction with friends & family are not only important to your health but the global retail economy. Get off the couch! #lifeswaitingonchapel
The Third Instalment
Title – “It Looks Just Like The Picture” (Expectation vs Reality)
Have you ever bought something online from overseas and it looks NOTHING like the original picture? Have you been scammed by online shopping? Sick of items getting ‘lost’ in the mail? Is it more to post your item back then it was to buy it?
Buying fashion and goods online from overseas impacts our Chapel Street foot-traffic and retail economy. We want you to think twice before you buy online. Get off the couch! #lifeswaitingonchapel
The Fourth Instalment
Title – An Acquired Taste
Binge-watching TV shows on streaming services such as Netflix or STAN is a lifestyle change and factor impacting Chapel Precinct foot-traffic & our retail economy. All we ask is that before you ‘stay in’ and have your life sucked away on social media, or spend all weekend horizontal watching shows back-to-back, you think twice about the impact on your local faves (and the impact on your waistline). Get off the couch! #lifeswaitingonchapel

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We know and love that many of our Chapel Precinct businesses are dog-friendly and we want this unique point of difference to be celebrated! So, our next campaign will be focusing on just this…  cute four-legged furry family members.

To create further foot (and paw!) traffic within Chapel Precinct, the CSPA wants to work together with you (our traders) to amplify our added shopping panting perk! We have already locked in Dr Kate Adams from Bondi Vet to fly down from Sydney to film on Chapel Street for this campaign. Now we are reaching out to ask if your business is paw-friendly and if you wish to be highlighted as part of this next campaign.
Please click below to email us and let us know if you welcome all furry friends and would like to receive a Paw-on-the-Door window decal. 

We know and love that many of our Chapel Precinct businesses are undertaking initiatives or selling products that are eco-friendly and we want this unique point of difference and important conversation to be celebrated! So, for a campaign later in the year, we will be focusing on just this…  the things our members are doing and selling to help planet earth.
The CSPA wants to work together with you (our local businesses) to support and amplify your environmental sustainability initiatives, or the eco-products you may be selling.  

We have already locked in much-loved Australian television personality and environmentalist Jamie Durie to film in our iconic precinct for this important campaign. Now we are reaching out to ask if your business is eco-friendly and if you wish to be highlighted as part of this next marketing activity and filming for GroundswellJamie Durie’s Groundswell is a revolutionary content project that will change the way people connect with global environmental issues and shine a light on what our Chapel Precinct businesses are doing in this space.
Please click the button below to let us know if you would like to be involved and with the details of your green-initiative/or product. 


Renowned as one of Australia’s top destinations for shopping, bars, clubs, accommodation and restaurants, Chapel Street Precinct commemorated the region’s status by holding the inaugural Chapel Champion Awards in June 2019. The public voted competition unearthed hidden gems and showcased our world-class offering. In partnership with Metro Tunnel, earlier this year CSPA awarded the champions of Chapel Precinct in 15 prestigious categories. There were some incredible prizes up for grabs, including a $10,000 marketing package for the ultimate winner.


The total coverage is estimated to have 1.18 million coverage views, plus 2.77 million audience reach, plus 861,000 readership over approximately 36 pieces of coverage. That’s an overall reach of, 4.811 million people. See the report below. 


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Destination Marketing – Who We Are

Our Chapel Street Precinct Association (CSPA) Special Rate ebrochure to help you understand our role in future-proofing our iconic shopping & entertainment precinct.

CSPA is a representative body of business owners and are not the Council. Stonnington is completely separate and CSPA operates independently to them. 


Member Form 

Chapel Street Precinct Association (CSPA) is an independent, not for profit, membership based Incorporated Association that represents over 1600 commercial properties and businesses in the Chapel Street Precinct. CSPA is governed by a member elected board who volunteer their time to steer the direction of Melbourne’s most iconic precinct.  Funds for the activities of CSPA are primarily raised through a Special Rate collected from commercial properties, the rate is then provided to CSPA to market and promote the Chapel Precinct area.

CSPA represents the Chapel Street business and retail community – our members are business owners, property owners and operators.

We invite you to click below to fill out the e-form to become a member of the CSPA and learn more about Destination Marketing for our iconic precinct.

CSPA would also like to take the opportunity to meet with you to collaborate on events and marketing ideas. Please contact to set up a time.


CSPA Special Rates Map

All Chapel Precinct businesses contribute to the CSPA through a special rate collected by the City of Stonnington. Please click below to download this map.  


CSPA Board of Directors

The below Directors work for the greater good of Chapel Street Precinct (as a whole), rather than for the direct benefit of their own companies. These are the CSPA Board Members as of September 2019.

Chapel Street Digital Billboard Advertising – FREE for new businesses!

The Chapel Street Precinct Association [CSPA] owns and operates two digital billboard booths that are strategically placed along the iconic Chapel Street to maximise exposure for our members in one of the most famous shopping and entertainment destinations in Australia. The CSPA sells advertising space on this highly sort after booths in two-week slots for a heavily reduced cost of $210 +GST for all Chapel Street Precinct members (all businesses/retailers in South Yarra, Windsor, Prahran). This reduced rate also can apply for approved major stakeholders and partners. Members must request a time-slot a minimum of 21 days before the time the ad is required to begin. Time slots are subject to availability.

Please email for further information and artwork guidelines.



Changes to the Chapel Street Precinct Association [CSPA] constitution were ratified by special resolution at a special general meeting [SGM] on 13 February 2019. 


CSPA Member Code of Conduct 

Our members conduct, contribution and their individual prosperity all contribute to the success of our iconic precinct.


Feedback Form 

This is where Chapel Street Precinct Association (CSPA) traders have the chance to provide feedback anytime. This means traders don’t have to call the office during business hours or wait to be invited to an advisory board, they can tell us their ideas and feedback anytime. Click below to fill out the form!


Post Campaign Reports

If you wish to view a CSPA Post Campaign Report from one of our previous campaigns, please send an email to to request one. 


Social Media

We do like to highlight businesses within the Chapel Precinct through our social media on Instagram, Facebook and our CSPA blog which holds listicles about different restaurants, bars, businesses and services available to the public. 

Make sure we are following you! 

Please cross-check we are following your Chapel Precinct business on the @chapelprecinct Instagram page. We have over 28,000 followers and our page receives over 1K visits per week. Please PM us on Instagram to add you and also allow us to regram your images. 


Social Media Guidelines

As the CSPA has 2000+ members, it is important to follow the following parameters when sending potential social posts/or digital content uploads.

1. As our socials are planned in advance, please give no less than seven days notice. Images with text are not only penalised by Instagram but serve no purpose on our website for SEO.
2. Please supply high-resolution clean images (no text overlay on the graphic) (watermark being the only exception).
3. Please send through a short blurb/text explain. This must include details on the product, sale timings, what makes the place/product special etc.
4. Note that images are subject to approval as the content must stand out and be loved and shared by our large digital audiences.
5. Please send all requests through to –

Digital Marketing Monthly Report Data

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Special General Meeting 2019

The Special General Meeting [SGM] held in February 2019 was for the purpose of considering the following special resolution:
The CSPA board unanimously believed that the proposed changes to update the constitution were in the best interest of all members. The proposed special resolution was passed by three-quarters of the members who were present at the meeting and entitled to vote (in person or proxy) in accordance with section 64 of the Associations Incorporation Reform Act 2012. Please download the SGM minutes below for more details of the ratified constitutional changes.

Annual Report 2017:18

Please click below to download CSPA’s Special Purpose Financial Board Report as at 30 June 2018.

AGM 2018 Minutes 

The final deferred AGM and SGM minutes held on 13th February 2019.


CSPA Procurement Policy

The purpose of this policy is to ensure that the Chapel Street Precinct Association (CSPA) acquires goods and services through a process that is economical, effective and delivers value for money through efficient, ethical purchasing practices. The below policy contains guidelines as to how the CSPA will appoint and pay suppliers, staff and contractors. 


CSPA Certificate of Currency 

Click below to view our Public Liability Certificate.