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Our Chapel Street Precinct Special Rate ebrochure to help you understand our associations role in future-proofing our iconic shopping & entertainment precinct.


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Chapel Street Precinct Association (CSPA) is an independent, not for profit, membership based Incorporated Association that represents over 1600 commercial properties and businesses in the Chapel Street Precinct.  CSPA is governed by a member elected board who volunteer their time to steer the direction of Melbourne’s most iconic precinct.  Funds for the activities of CSPA are primarily raised through a Special Rate collected from commercial properties, the rate is then provided to CSPA to market and promote the Chapel Precinct area.

CSPA represents the Chapel Street business and retail community – our members are business owners, property owners and operators.

We invite you to click below to fill out the e-form to become a member of the CSPA and learn more about Destination Marketing for our iconic precinct.

CSPA would also like to take the opportunity to meet with you to collaborate on events and marketing ideas. Please contact to set up a time.


CSPA Special Rates Map

All Chapel Precinct businesses contribute to the CSPA through a special rate collected by the City of Stonnington. Please click below to download this MAP.  


CSPA Board of Directors

The below Directors work for the greater good of Chapel Street Precinct (as a whole), rather than for the direct benefit of their own companies.

Justin O'Donnell Head Shot

Interview with Executive Chairperson / President Mr Justin O’Donnell (Managing Director Print Express) 

The below questions were asked to all CSPA board members to ensure their time on the board was more rewarding and also to provide great insight to their fellow directors and the CSPA General Manager of what their individual support could possibly look like to maximise cross-functional collaboration.

How are you wanting to contribute to the CSPA?
JO: To help create a culture of excellence, respect and openness to allow all contributors to put forward their ideas and advice, without fear or favour to embrace the points of difference and breadth of experience we have in our Precinct, with our staff, contractors, board members and fellow traders.

I would like to contribute as a leader and mentor to support our office to help with key decision making, strategy, financial management and as a sounding board to help represent the views of our diverse member group. I often play devil’s advocate to help dig deeper and scope out ideas and focus on how they will be perceived by our members and community.

To support our General Manager to continue delivering outstanding results for our members and to be available to meet with key stakeholders from local, state and federal government and corporate Australia.

To draw on my extensive contacts and networks in business and government for the benefit of the CSPA.

What do you think that tangibly looks like?
JO: This would include regularly meeting with our General Manager to review and help advise on strategic direction, reviewing our financial budgets, plus being available for advice and direction of the CSPA to help with any issues or roadblocks that may arise.

Liaising with the Mayor, Local Councilors and Council Officers as needed and with State and Federal Government bodies when required. 

Being visible and available to talk with our traders and members of the CSPA, and to help address any concerns or questions they may have in partnership with our General Manager.

What value are you wanting to add in your CSPA board position?
JO: With my 8 years experience on the CSPA Board, the last 4 years in the Vice President role and Treasurer roles, I have a wealth of knowledge and experience dealing with the City of Stonnington, State and Federal Government.

I have also been a member of a large Melbourne business network for 9 years and have served twice as their President and twice as Treasurer. During this time I established a large network of business contacts that I can draw upon when required.

Prior to staring Print Express (10 years ago) on Chapel Street, I had a previous 20 years management experience leading and managing teams of up to 70+ staff in print, marketing and retail senior executive management positions. In addition to this, I was the key relationship manager for corporate contracts with NAB, ANZ, The Department of Defence, Goldman Sachs, and the Victorian State Government. 

I will utilise these key management, marketing, leadership and negotiation skills to help lead a culture of support and excellence ensuring we support our staff, suppliers and members to future proof Chapel Street Precinct as Australia’s premier shopping strip.

Maxwell Gratton CSPA

Interview with Associate Board Director Mr Maxwell Gratton (CEO Melbourne Queer Film Festival) 

How are you wanting to contribute to the CSPA?
MG: As a long term resident of the South Yarra and Prahran areas, Chapel Street is my primary local shopping destination. Chapel Street is one of Melbourne’s iconic premier locations outside of the CBD. Ensuring that we have a thriving Precinct is important for both the local area in particular and for Melbourne generally. To that end, I seek to contribute to the renascence of the Chapel Street Precinct.

What do you think that tangibly looks like?
MG: The Chapel Street Precinct is going through a considerable time of change. From Cato Street, to the Jam Factory, along with numerous other developments. The Chapel Street Precinct will be at its best when it is able to attract more visitors and shoppers to the area, through supporting, advocating for and promoting local offerings, whilst underpinning its culture and protecting what already makes Chapel Street a premier destination.  

What value are you wanting to add in your board position?
MG: As someone with over four years of CEO experience, along with extensive involvement sitting on Boards and Committees over many years, I aim to contribute to the Board’s duties and responsibilities in the areas of strategy, performance (financial), risk, reputation and governance.

Rules of Association

Passed by Special Resolution at the 2017 CSPA Annual General Meeting.


CSPA Member Code of Conduct 

Our members conduct, contribution and their individual prosperity all contribute to the success of our iconic precinct.


Feedback Form 

This is where Chapel Street Precinct Association (CSPA) traders have the chance to provide feedback anytime. This means traders don’t have to call the office during business hours or wait to be invited to an advisory board, they can tell us their ideas and feedback anytime. Click below to fill out the form!


Prahran Police – Coffee With A Cop

The CSPA work closely with Pran Central & Prahran police to ensure our members & local community have a chance to provide valuable feedback and hear about new safety initiatives. The CSPA works in collaboration with Pran Central to promote forums with the Prahran Police to facilitate important community safety discussions. Register for the next ‘Coffee With A Cop’ police forum by clicking below.


Social Media

We do like to highlight businesses within the Chapel Precinct through our social media on Instagram, Facebook and our CSPA blog which holds listicles about different restaurants, bars, businesses and services available to the public. 

Make sure we are following you! 

Please cross-check we are following your Chapel Precinct business on the @chapelprecinct Instagram page. We have 27,300 followers and our page receives over 1K visits per week. Please PM us on Instagram to add you and also allow us to regram your images. 


Social Media Guidelines

As the CSPA has over 1800 members, it is important to follow the following parameters when sending potential social posts/or digital content uploads.

For images with text overlay, the only place we can use these is on our street info booths (digital billboards).
Please note, all artwork sent must adhere to the below portrait sizes:
Side One: 1080 x 1470
Side Two: 1080 x 1920

Important information for potential social posts/or digital content uploads.
Please follow the below parameters:
1. As our socials are planned in advance, please give no less than three days notice. Images with text are not only penalised by Instagram but serve no purpose on our website for SEO.
2. Please supply high-resolution clean images (no text overlay on the graphic) (watermark being the only exception).
3. Please send through a short blurb/text explain. This must include details on the product, sale timings, what makes the place/product special etc.
4. Note that images are subject to approval as the content must stand out and be loved and shared by our large digital audiences.
5. Please send all requests through to –

Social & Digital Board Report

Click below to view CSPA’s latest social and digital board report.


Digital Billboard Promotion

There are two digital poster boards along Chapel Street used to advertise businesses within the precinct. We sell two-week slots for a heavily reduced cost of $210+GST for our members. Click below for more information.


Annual Report 2017:18

Please click below to download CSPA’s Special Purpose Financial Board Report as at 30 June 2018.

AGM 2018 Minutes 

The final deferred AGM and SGM minutes held on 13th February 2019.


Annual Report 2016:17

Please click below to download CSPA’s Special Purpose Financial Board Report as at 30 June 2017.

AGM 2017 Minutes 

The final CSPA AGM minutes held on 22nd November 2017.


CSPA Certificate of Currency 

Click below to view our Public Liability Certificate.   



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Mentor Education Group

Looking to upskill?

Mentor Education on High Street provide quality training courses across multiple sectors, including Accounting and Bookkeeping,
Mortgage Broking, Financial Services and Business.

Click below for more information on courses to help you and your business.