Right now, every business in Chapel Street Precinct is fighting to survive and we are here to help you. Never before has it been more vitally important for our businesses to pivot, innovate and flourish. We will get through this and we can use the media via PR to communicate the unique ways you are evolving your business.


The Chapel Street Precinct Association (CSPA) has now established an on-demand PR press office.
Every day we will be distributing news alerts to relevant media.
These media alerts contain information on how our businesses have evolved, the human interest stories that put a face to the crisis and how CSPA is lobbying on behalf of our businesses for a better deal.

Human interest stories could be:

·         The unique way you are trying to save the jobs of your staff

·         A customer who has gone out of their way to show their appreciation

·         The unusual way you are promoting your business –
either through social media or otherwise

·         The undiscovered talents of your staff that have helped you pivot your business model

·         Anything quirky that you think the media would love to report on


Business Name:

Contact spokesperson name:

Mobile number:

Business address:

How your business has pivoted:

Any human interest stories:

Please supply a relevant image to go with your story (make sure your image does not total more than 10mb per email).


If you haven’t done so yet – please update our CSPA website with how your business has innovated. This webpage is updated on a daily basis. The media (journalists) are checking this daily looking for new story ideas.



Stage Four Lockdown Clarity

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We understand the Victorian Government’s announcements made on 3 August 2020 were very vague and somewhat confusing. Click for detailed clarity on who can remain open -or- who has to close during this stage 4 lockdown. Please note, cafes and restaurants are still permitted to continue take-away and home delivery.

Chapel Street Precinct Quarantrees

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Have you seen one of me and smiled? Chapel Street Precincts’s 120 commissioned ‘Quarantree’ artworks have adorned the Precinct’s trees and poles to give residents and business owners a tiny bit of sunshine. Melburnians that live within a 5km radius of Chapel Street Precinct can find them on their one hour permitted exercise walk per day.

Chapel Street The World’s Largest Drive-Thru for Takeaway

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World-class cafes and restaurants in one Drive-Thru!? Chaps got it! Order direct and collect your bag of yummies so more money goes to Australian hospitality workers during stage 4 lockdown. Need some mouthwatering inspo for lockdown 2.0? Check out all our takeaway food options here. *Do not travel more than 5km from home to collect your food and wear a mask whenever you leave the house.

Where to Buy a Mandatory Mask in Chapel Street Precinct

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Remember when you leave your home for one of the four permitted (essential only) reasons to wear a mandatory mask or face-covering! We got you covered, click above to find where you can get yours now and help reduce the COVID-19 spread in our community.