Right now, it’s black and white. Please support your local faves or they may not be around when life returns to a COVID normal.

We know this time is strained for almost everyone, so when it comes to buying food, clothes or any shopping you need doing, just think TWO WORDS. SUPPORT LOCAL.

With your support, they’ll get through this. It’s now or never.

Click boxes below to do your part and to find out who you can support now. 

Important – You must wear a face-covering unless you have a lawful reason for not doing so when you leave home. You should keep at least 1.5 metres between yourself and others at all times.  

Want your business added to the list or know of a business that could be?
Please email admin@chapelstreet.com.au


Lemonade Out Of Lemons 2.0

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Here we go again! Online latte & dumpling deliveries, personal training & yoga from home, plus digital craft & cooking lessons are just some of the ideas Chapel Street Precinct businesses have come up with to get you through the coming weeks of stage four lockdown. Now more than ever do they need your support!

Cocktails Delivered Straight To Your Door (Thank God!)

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Many Chapel Street Precinct bars, restaurants & bottle shops are once again delivering their famous cocktails as part of their delivery & takeaway menu over stage four lockdown! You’re welcome. Live up iso 2.0!

Where to Buy a Mandatory Mask in Chapel Street Precinct

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Remember when you leave your home for one hour of shopping (essential only) or exercise to wear a mandatory mask or face-covering! We got you covered, click above to find where you can get yours now and help reduce the COVID-19 spread in our community.

Get Your Essential Chapel Caffeine Fix

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Before this article had even started we could feel the Melburnian eyes of judgment piercing through their screens in lockdown. Coffee is quite possibly THE most important part of our lives, especially during a second round of iso. Get your Chapel Street Precinct COVID caffeine relief!