I don’t want to get all preachy and use the phrase “New Year, New You” but hey, why wouldn’t you want to head into 2018 feeling as good as you can?  Start the year right and pamper yourself with treatments and activities that will make your body, heart and head feel great.

Indulge yourself at Norbu Urban Retreat

There are two types of massage … the relaxing, gentle type where you are covered in essential oils and head off into a world of bliss. Or the one where a masseuse releases every inch of stress out of your body – but you somehow still manage to feel good.

I’m a fan of both, which is why Norbu within the Olsen Hotel is so great. You can spend time having your body and mind soothed with one of their day spa packages or if you like it a little more intense, try the Deep Tissue or Remedial massage. They also have facials and full body treatments if you’re looking to really kick off the New Year feeling great.

Norbu Urban Retreat, Olsen Hotel, 637 Chapel Street, South Yarra
Insta: norbuspa

Float away your tension at Beyond Rest

If you really want to de-stress and feel amazing, head to Beyond Rest.

Their flotation therapy has you floating on your back, suspended and weightless in your own pod filled with water and Epsom salts.  You can shut out the world thanks to the insulation that blocks all noise and just relax. Really relax.  You might even fall asleep (which is totally safe – no, you can’t drown) because the water and air are heated to skin temperature for the ultimate escape from sensory overload.

Not only is it really relaxing, but it enhances creativity, helps you to sleep better, increases motivation and can alleviate pain, thanks to the healing properties of magnesium.

My friend Chrissie (who has a super busy schedule) raves about it.  We caught up last week after she’d had a session and I’ve never seen her so chilled out. We all need to spoil ourselves sometimes.

Beyond Rest, 26 Regent Street, Prahran
Insta:  beyond.rest  

Stretch it out with Yoga or Pilates at Kaya

If you’re like me and the gym isn’t really your thing then you will love Kaya. The space is beautiful, the staff are warm and friendly and there’s a distinct lack of beefed up ‘dudes’ counting reps on leg day (though they do have a gym and cardio area if that’s your thing). They have yoga, barre and pilates classes, but also boxing and spinning if you need to burn off some energy.

I often turn up stressed and angry at the world, but after a session of yoga by their amazingly patient instructors (with a spot of meditation at the end), I’m a much nicer human being. It’s so good even dancers from Australian Ballet go there.

Kaya Fitness: 325 Chapel Street, Prahran
Insta: kayahealthclubs

Try traditional Chinese Medicine at Zen 5

If you’ve gone a bit hard lately celebrating Christmas and New Year and not feeling your best, consider a visit to the Zen 5 Chinese Medicine Centre. They have everything from massage and reflexology to acupuncture and cupping. Cupping is a great way to get rid of toxins, and it’s a good conversation starter when you show off your little suction cup bruises (I promise it doesn’t hurt). They also sell delicious herbal teas so you can feel great every day of the week.

Zen 5 Chinese Medicine Centre, 350 Chapel Street, South Yarra

A New Feel with Signed and Numbered

For those of you wanting to switch things up this new year, it’s definitely worth creating a fresh vibe in your home. So, why not start by filling that blank beige wall with a unique piece of art that you love and notice how different the room feels the next time you walk in. Signed and Numbered sell limited edition prints from emerging and established artists in Australia and overseas. Each print is signed and numbered by the artist and comes to you with a Certificate of Authenticity and additional information about the artist (very exclusive!).

These guys have made it accessible and affordable for all of us to enjoy the beauty of art without having to pay a hefty price. Plus, what an easy first step to making the changes you want to this year.

Signed and Numbered, 153 Greville St, Prahran
Insta: signedandnumbered