Instalment 12 of 16 | Cheers to the freakin’ weekend, Pam. | Punk Carla | #sochapel

Instalment 11 of 16 | Heart on your sleeve stuff #thrillseeker | Palace Cinema Como | #sochapel

Instalment 10 of 16 | Aging gracefully, 73 going on 33 😉 | Laser Clinics Australia – Prahran | #sochapel

Instalment 9 of 16 | Nothing like a well oiled machine | Bodhi Thai Massage | #sochapel

Instalment 8 of 16 | Those hips aren’t lying | The Space Dance & Arts Centre | #sochapel

Instalment 7 of 16 | You’ve got this Helen | Garden Street Garden | #sochapel

Instalment 6 of 16 | A light lunch | Route 45 Diner | #sochapel

Instalment 5 of 16 | Vertically challenged no more | Razor Dolls | #sochapel

Instalment 4 of 16 | No regrets ey Adam? | Victims of Ink | #sochapel

Instalment 3 of 16 | Just own it, Trev | UPG Studio | #sochapel

Instalment 2 of 16 | The ponderings of an adonis | The Como Melbourne | #sochapel

Instalment 1 of 16 | Barry loves a bit of me-time | SOAK Bar + Beauty | #sochapel

Check out some of the behind the scenes photos from the shooting of this campaign.


Lemonade out of Lemons

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Online latte & dumpling deliveries, personal training & yoga from home, plus digital craft & cooking lessons are just some of the ideas Chapel Street Precinct businesses have come up with to get through the coming months. They need your help! Click image above for local businesses to support through this difficult time.

Dolly Does Chapel (From Home)

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Australia’s largest retail precinct, Chapel Street Precinct, is making Lemonade out of Lemons and has enlisted Melbourne Megastar, Dolly Diamond, as its official ambassador to educate Melburnians on supporting small businesses during the Global Coronavirus Crisis (GCC). Click image above to watch our hilarious videos that we hope put a smile on your face during this tough time.

Mandatory Code for Commercial Tenancies

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We know many Chapel Street Precinct businesses have been waiting (praying) for this & we are glad to announce the new code for commercial tenancies has been agreed. Click image above to fully understand this critical piece of needed support.

Try Keeping a Social Distance from These this Easter

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From Melbourne’s first cake drive-thru to the best hot cross buns in the city, unlike everything else this year, Easter isn’t cancelled. Here are what some of our Chapel Street Precinct dessert masters are offering to stock up on (no we don’t mean toilet paper or pasta) in the lead up to – and during – the face-stuffing weekend ahead.