Robot SPACEland is a must-see FREE open air exhibition that’s landed in Melbourne’s iconic metropolis, Chapel Street Precinct!

Frankly, last year felt like something fresh out of a sci-fi novel (albeit one we would have liked to return to the library after the first couple of chapters). But in the spirit of out-of-this-world experiences, strap yourself in because Chapel Street Precinct is now home to a ship-load of mind-boggling ‘guests’, measuring up to 17 metres in height!

Journey to four unique locations to experience these incredible up-cycled robot masterpieces! Their displays of intergalactic awe is each more impressive and colossal than the next. They will grab your attention by day and take your breath away by night. See them come to life with vibrant lights, electric energy and sounds from 8:00 to 11:00 pm nightly.

Don’t forget to charge your phones, because this is one Instagram opportunity you won’t want to miss!


402 Chapel St, South Yarra (Construction Site) (Enter via Bray St – gates open 7.30pm daily)
Measuring a huge 17 metres in height, EcoBot is the ultimate recycling machine! Made largely of up-cycled materials, she crushes cars to create building blocks for a new city. Self-generating the power needed to sustain her work here on Earth, she commands a band of worker bots. Towering way above the Chapel Street cityscape, EcoBot looms overhead, lights illuminated and is a beacon of hope in the dark!

Grattan Gardens (Greville St, Prahran)
Millions of light years from home, this spaceship has touched down on Earth while on an interplanetary journey of discovery. Custom projection mapped visuals tell the story of life in its home galaxy and with the people of Earth.

Barrel of Transformation
Prahran Square (Cato St, Prahran)
From a pile of scrap metal emerges a band of sentient worker bot robots. With their transformation complete, they must finish their mission to help the people of Earth learn how to save their planet from extinction!

Arch of Evolution
Chapel Off Chapel Forecourt (Malvern Rd, Prahran)
These busy robots toil and hustle to complete their mission. They have been sent here by EcoBot to teach the people of Earth how to look after the planet. Humans must learn these ways or there will be no evolution of the human species and no hope to save the planet. They never tire and must never stop until their work is complete!

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Robot SPACEland is one small step for man, but one giant fortnight of fun for all of Melbourne-kind. A Chapel Adventure worth of fun to be had by every man and his… android.


Ms Chrissie Maus, General Manager, of the Chapel Street Precinct said, “It’s never been more important to supercharge our support of our beloved local businesses. They’re our heart and soul. So, we’ve literally reached into a new stratosphere of creativity to bring our huge Robot SPACEland activation to life.”

Cr Kate Hely, Stonnington Mayor said, “We are delighted to bring this fantastic exhibition to the City of Stonnington and our iconic Chapel Street. Standing up to an impressive 17-metres in height, the Robots are awe-inspiring to get close to and it’s been wonderful to see people’s reactions to them. There is no better place to be invaded by Robots than in one of the City’s best locations to live, work, stay and play!”

Image Credits: @paul_dowsley, @heraldsunphoto, @your_day_photography


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