‘Code red’: Melbourne businesses say Omicron wave more damaging than lockdown

Staff shortages and drop in consumer confidence leave Australian businesses asking for urgent government support.
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Business pleads for government support amid ‘shadow lockdown’

Victorian businesses are making fresh pleas for state and federal government financial support as they battle plummeting consumer demand while people avoid public places, as well as severe staff shortages and supply chain issues due to COVID-19 infections.
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Melbourne traders call for immediate reopening of retail, hospital settings for double-dosed Victorians

Traders along a famous Melbourne shopping strip are demanding an immediate reopening of retail and hospitality industries to double-dose vaccinated Victorians.

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Chapel St: Summer safety program to be trialled to help younger clubbers

A whole generation of partygoers have turned 18 without having hit a nightclub because of Covid. A plan is in place to help them party safely.

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South Yarra’s Jam Factory to be transformed into luxury living

South Yarra’s iconic Jam Factory will be transformed into a luxury living, working and entertainment precinct under a $1.5bn proposal by developers.

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‘Slow death’: Covid-19 savages Chapel Street small businesses

The 29-year-old said she is currently “bleeding money” and it’s hard to get out of bed some days.

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‘There’s also an economic and a mental health crisis happening right now.’

Pleading for government help, Chapel Street Precinct Chair, Justin O’Donnell says, “We need some sort of light at the end of the tunnel.”
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Chapel Street Proposes Opening to Vaccinated

Chapel Street Precinct GM Chrissie Maus talks with Peta Credlin on Sky News calling for a carrot. Something for businesses not to give up hope.
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Chapel Street calls for a double-vaccinated re-opening plan

Businesses in the Chapel Street precinct are calling on the Victorian government to detail how they will be able to reopen safely to double-vaccinated Melburnians.

Chapel Street precinct general manager Chrissie Maus said: “Our businesses are ready and willing to jump through any hoop to reopen safely.

“The sooner we do so, the better for livelihoods and everyone’s mental health and wellbeing,” she said.

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‘Mental Health Plea’

These extended lockdowns are collectively grinding the whole of Melbourne into the ground. Our state government needs to start treating our mental health as seriously as COVID.
Watch Chapel Street Precinct General Manager, Chrissie Maus, talk about the harrowing financial and mental health impacts on our local businesses and community on 7 News Melbourne .
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‘Act of Kindness’

For the duration of Lockdown 6.0, Yeah Boy. Windsor gave away a total of 1500 Free Meals to employees of the Health & Fitness industry who were affected by lockdown. Check out this #goodnewsstory featured on 9 News Melbourne below.
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‘It’s better than having the doors closed’

Melbourne’s hospitality industry begins its transition from a long slumber to welcoming customers, but strict density limits may delay the opening of some businesses as they adjust to the new rules.

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Restaurant booked out for midnight reopening within minutes as Melburnians rush to ‘get on the beers’

Melbourne’s hospitality sector is gearing up to reopen from midnight tonight with the party starting as soon as the clock strikes 12 for one restaurant. Angus & Bon New York steakhouse will be one of the first restaurants in the city to serve patrons at midnight, with a red ribbon cutting to mark the occasion.

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‘Past tipping point’: Businesses slam Dan’s cautious pause

Businesses have slammed Daniel Andrews’ “cautious pause” on easing restrictions, after a hoped-for announcement that retail and hospitality could begin opening was delayed on Sunday.

An outbreak in Melbourne’s northern suburbs has meant Melbourne residents will continue living under the same level of lockdown despite expectations some rules would go from Sunday.

Chapel Street Precinct Association general manager Chrissie Maus said businesses could not hold out much longer in the “harrowing” lockdown.

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