By Michelle Fifi, CSPA Marketing & Events Coordinator

I braved my first Pole Dancing class at Pole Divas Prahran and I was really (dare I say it?) feeling myself. Prepared to feel uncomfortable, thankfully, my awesome older sister was eager (you can see why she’s the oldest) to join me for our first experience with the pole.


Greeted at the ‘Diva Desk’ by a lovely lady named Shae, we signed our lives away on a health form and saddled up next to one of the 14, 4 metre high poles in Studio A. Told before the class to wear shorts and bring heels along, we underestimated how short the shorts could really be. Booty shorts and sports bras were sported by most of the ladies in the class and with Lucinda in her long sleeve top, it was, needless to say, we could have kept things a little more brief.  

The Warm Up

We had nervously brought our heels to the class and soon noticed everyone was barefoot. ‘Sweet!’ we thought, ‘we’ve gotten away with it’. Wearing shorts at 6.30 pm on a winter night in Melbourne proved less of an issue than you’d expect after the warm up with instructor, Bella. Who, by the way, had the most bangin’ bod I’d ever seen. Flash forward to post warm up and Lu is really regretting her top choice now.  Bella announces ‘okay, heels on ladies!’ Slowly, most of my fellow Pole Divas start to pull their heels from their bags and buckle up. Now, I ain’t talking no standard 2 inch heel to get things fancy on a Thursday night. I’m talking about 7 inch with a 3 inch platform, chunky, in your face, you could easily take an eye out kind of heel. Unaware of just how high the heels would be, we thought we’d leave our sorry excuses for a stiletto tucked away and opted to stay barefoot. 

The Course – Beginner Static

Swooping in on the final week of the eight week Beginner Static course wasn’t the wisest move Lu and I have ever pulled, and boy have we made some unwise decisions in our time. This wasn’t an issue though, as wonderful instructor Bella made us feel right at home. 

Bella began to take the class through moves like the Triangle Spin, simple enough, next up was the Arabesque, or what I like to call the floating ballerina (yes it’s as hard as it sounds) as well as Momentum steps and turns. After flawlessly demonstrating each move, Bella would allow a few minutes for us to try the move ourselves as she walked around to each of us individually and helped us nail the move as best we could. 

The class finished with a sweet and sexy routine to Christina Aguilera’s ‘Candy Man’. The dance included all the moves we had mastered (attempted) during the class and was a fulfilling way for us ultimate newbies to show off some of our new pole moves in a choreographed dance. 

Did I Love It?

Yes. I loved it, I loved it all. From the moment you walk into Pole Divas Prahran you feel an overwhelming sense of community, from Shae on the desk, to your fellow Pole Divas, to Bella the ripped and bubbly instructor, any preconceived notions flew out the door and it quickly became easy to get out of that zone of comfort and focus on nailing a move or even just allowing yourself to feel straight up sexy.

Pole Divas Prahran were named the ultimate Chapel Champion in the Chapel Champion Awards 2019 and I totally understand why. A Pole Divas class made exercise fun whilst making me feel confident, sexy and strong without wanting to impress anybody but myself. They offer casual classes, courses, workshops and even coaching. Try something new and book a class at their fun and welcoming studio today. You won’t regret it.

Pole Divas Prahran is located at Studio 3, 22 Cecil Pl, Prahran.


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