It’s always time to play on Chapel Street. Need a little help with adult playtime ideas? That’s where we come in!
Play on Chapel Street

The Market Gallery in Prahran run ‘life drawing’ sessions every week. Don’t expect a nice vase of flowers on arrival, because life drawing is a little cheekier than that. Your drawing class will be focused on outlining, shading and highlighting the subtle curved edges of a wonderfully nude model. If you have any smutty thoughts in your head, get rid of them before you enter the class. Giggles are highly discouraged.

205 Commercial Rd, South Yarra

Play on Chapel Street

Yes, the pole. But it isn’t what you think! Promise. Pole Divas in Prahran is like any other fitness studio, without the snooze factor. A mix of cardio, strengthening and booty sculpting & they’ll even let you strut your stuff while wearing a fierce pair of heels! Best suited to a group, take a few of your besties and work up a seductive sweat. (The booty gains are real, too).

22 Cecil Pl, Prahran 

Play on Chapel Street

In the wake of the great Melbourne beach poo crisis of 2016/2017 (followed closely by the shark crisis), it has never been a better time for the rise of the community pool! This summer will be a scorcher, so grab your swan/duck/flamingo floaty and cool down in the delightful, clean & chlorinated water at the Prahran Aquatic Centre. Bonus: The only sharks you’ll find come with abs.

41 Essex St, Prahran

Play on Chapel Street

Often compared to a day spa with art, the Windsor Workshop is adult crafty heaven. With no pipe cleaners in sight, the creative goods come in the form of expert floral watercolour painting, weaving & even leather bag workshops. Each session is run by a talented artist and hosted with delicious food platters & cocktails. Unleash your hidden artist & take a few friends with you for grownup playtime!

1/115 Chapel St, Windsor

Play on Chapel Street

Some were born with sweet, sweet dance moves, while some have trouble clapping to a beat. No matter which camp you fall into, The Space Dance & Arts has you covered. Take up a dance class, meet new people & get down right giggy with it.

318 Chapel St, Prahran

Play on Chapel Street

Cooking is adulting 101 and in moderate doses it’s actually fun! Trupp Cooking School run a rotating cuisine roster that’ll whip you into a chef extraordinaire. For the young, fit & famous, try the ‘Raw living’ class and save yourself a small fortune on raw treats. Did I mention you get to take your cooking mastery home with you at the end? Play & be fed, perfect combo!

1/53 Barry St, South Yarra

Melbourne Bowling Club

Bowls has been a favourite social activity for the retired for decades, and now the South Yarra hotties have picked it up too! Bowls is easy to learn, down right competitive & the pace allows for a bit of banter in between rounds. The Melbourne Bowling Club in Windsor is the oldest in Australia and a national icon. Gather the crew & take to the lawn for an afternoon of sunshine bowls, then treat yourselves to a cool glass of Pimms and applaud your sophistication.

138 Union St, Windsor

Circus Bar Chapel Street

You’ll find a different kind of acrobatics at Circus Bar on Commercial Road. Less high wire & more high flying. Circus is all kind of crazy, with top DJ’s, wicked cocktails and antics that’ll have you thinking you’ve just walked straight into the big top. There is the odd clown walking around, but it’s the smoking hot ringmasters that you’ll be looking for.

199 Commercial Rd, South Yarra

Play on Chapel Street

Aerial is Mat yoga’s playful cousin. It has all of the yoga you know and love, meditation, stretching and strength. The difference is the freedom and fun of aerobatics. Even if you’re not a dedicated Yogi (or even slightly coordinated), Body Flow Yoga on Chapel Street will introduce you to a Yoga world you’ll want to play with again!

5 Eastbourne St, Windsor


Hey, sharing a room with a whole bunch of strangers may not be for everyone. But if you’re little brother is pinching his pennies & needs a place to crash, this place is a winner. Back of Chapel is based in a renovated terrace house in the thick of Windsor. Windsor has most definitely bumped itself up a few notches over the years and is now THE place to be, or be seen. It’s prime partying territory and the next morning you’ll find coffee that will cure even the deadliest of hangovers. My tip? Head straight to School of 7 Bells, they’ll fix you right up.

50 Green St, Windsor

WIN a $100 Gift Voucher from Champion Salon 2019 Bat Your Lash!

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WIN a $100 GIFT VOUCHER to use at Chapel Precinct’s Champion Salon on Greville Street. Bat Your Lash are giving away $100 worth of services to celebrate winning the title of Champion Salon in this years Chapel Champion Awards.

Greville Street Lights Chapel Street

Some of the Best Places to Explore on Greville Street

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If you’ve never taken a trip to Greville Street, you’re seriously missing out. This petite Prahran street leads you gently from the hustle of Chapel Street, into a warm village of boutique makers, retailers & artists.

I Braved My First Pole Dancing Class at Pole Divas Prahran

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I braved my first Pole Dancing class at Pole Divas Prahran and I was really (dare I say it?) feeling myself. Prepared to feel uncomfortable, thankfully, my awesome older sister was eager (you can see why she’s the oldest) to join me for our first experience with the pole.

Dinner with the Neighbours – Melbourne Bowling Club

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Enjoy a meal at everyone’s favourite neighbour, Melbourne Bowling Club, featuring mulit-award winning Chef Pierre Khodja with an incredible French-Algerian inspired menu.