KIIS 101.1 and Chapel Street Precinct have partnered in a history-making promotion in Melbourne with their most lucrative giveaway ever – a $100,000 Life Upgrade.

The promotion was launched on air with KIIS 101.1’s Matt & Meshel on Friday morning and the competition runs over the next six weeks with one lucky listener winning a life upgrade on Chapel Street with $100,000.00 to spend.

The life-changing $100,000 campaign will deliver KIIS 101.1’s most lucrative prize ever, plus all shortlisted listeners who don’t take out the top prize will be gifted $100 vouchers to spend on Chapel Street.

Chapel Street will be abuzz with a flood of ‘Snap Chap Crew’ between 10am and 9pm each weekend, giving additional wildcard entrants the chance to win.

KIIS 101.1’s Content Director, Sam Thompson said: “The $100,000 Life Upgrade is one of KIIS 101.1’s biggest giveaways ever in the market. We are excited to be able to bring so many campaign elements to life with on-air participation as well as engaging Chapel Street’s core audience in a fun and relevant way with the inclusion of KIIS 101.1’s Snap Chap Crew.”

Chrissie Maus, Chapel Street Precinct’s Events & Marketing Director, said: “Whenever we partner with ARN, the first objective is always the same: to drive additional foot traffic to the street and spark an emotional reaction.

“While upgrading one lucky person’s life with $100K, we also get to tell the story of Chapel Street, and for the traders that is worth infinitely more.”

This is the third campaign executed between KIIS101.1 and Chapel Street Precinct after the success of KIIS the Car earlier this year and the $20K in 20 minutes promotion which rolled out at the end of last year.

KIIS 101.1’s Hughesy & Kate would spend their $100,000 on Chapel Street by upgrading;

  • Their wardrobe
  • The television and surround sound systems
  • A new pair of shoes for every day of the year
  • Purchasing 30,000 doughnuts

KIIS 101.1’s 3 PM Pick Up hosts Bec Judd and Kate ‘Monty’ Dimond would spend their $100,000 on Chapel Street by upgrading;

  • A different designer dress to wear every day for a year
  • Cocktails every Friday night at a bar
  • Dining out at the eateries and not having to cook for a year