Jarrod Woodgate Chapel Street Christmas

Melbourne’s premier shopping precinct, Chapel Street, has teamed up with TV’s resident romantic, bachelor Jarrod Woodgate, and will be offering a free service for Christmas 2017 to ensure women receive the present of their dreams.

Known for his thoughtful gifts, which included giving his love interest a flower seedling so they could watch their relationship blossom, Jarrod’s timely tips have been designed especially for love-struck men who haven’t got a clue when it comes to shopping!

“There is such a huge build up to Christmas when you’re in a loving relationship; if you get it right, your gift will be bragged about and shown off to all her girlfriends,” said Jarrod. “If you get the present wrong, you’ll never hear the end of it. Don’t be surprised if your lackluster gift will be dragged up in every squabble you have for the next 12 months; it’s just not worth it. This is why I jumped at the chance to work with Chapel Street so we can point Aussie guys down the right road, or street!

“And guys, Chapel Street is perfect if you hate massive shopping centres at Christmas time. Not only does it have tonnes of cool shops without the screaming kids, the bar and café scene is excellent for when you need to recharge your batteries. If you’re anything like my mates, you’re gonna love this.”

Jarrod Woodgate to play ‘Santa Claus’ and will make your Christmas wishes come true! Chapel Street is once again throwing out the rulebook for Christmas following last year’s triumphant replacing of Santa Claus with carolling Drag Queens. This year Jarrod Woodgate will channel Saint Nick on Saturday 9th December at 1pm, dressed in a Santa Claus-inspired red dinner suit.

“I don’t care if you’ve been naughty or nice, everyone is welcome to come down to the Chapel Street Precinct event and whisper in my ear what they want for Christmas. Then through the power of social media, I will send your loved one a direct message from the Chapel Street’s Instagram account to make sure your Christmas wish comes true! What’s more, we will be giving away stacks of prizes on the day and everyone will be able to sample the wines from my family’s winery in Gippsland, Toms Cap Vineyard Retreat.”

From Ms Chrissie Maus (Chapel Street Precinct’s Marketing & Events Director): “When I see guys at shopping malls during Christmas, they look like they’ve given up on life! It’s mayhem – screaming kids, boring shops – the complete opposite to Chapel Street. Furthermore, there are stacks of places for them to grab a drink with their mates and recharge their batteries. With Jarrod’s tips, they can swoop in and swoop out to buy the perfect gift their partners will love.”

More info: chapelstreet.com.au @chapelprecinct

INTERVIEWS AVAILABLE: Drew Lambert contactus@dlcomms.com.au

Meet Jarrod Woodgate at Chapel Street’s Christmas grotto! Saturday 9th December at 1-3pm Prahran Town Hall (right in the middle of Chapel Street).


  1. NEVER BUY HER THESE HOMEWARES: Unless she’s asked for it, don’t get her cleaning or cooking appliances because it sends the wrong message. Instead, get some fancy wine glasses, and a good bottle of what she likes. She’ll love it, and you’ll get to share. Win. Win.
  2. NEVER BUY HER A DRESS ON YOUR OWN: You will screw things up royally. Instead, take your beloved clothes shopping on Chapel Street and get her to try a few on. She’ll put something on, twirl and love it… but put it back because it’s probably too pricey. That’s your present! If there’s nothing on the day, a gift voucher will work too!
  3. YOU CAN NEVER GO WRONG WITH HAIR: Every girl loves looking fresh after a cut and colour. Get a voucher and a gift set to go along with it and you’re done!
  4. ONLY BUY SUNNIES IF YOU DO THIS: A perfect gift at this time of year, but not all sunglasses suit all face shapes. So take your significant other’s photo (preferably wearing sunglasses) and let the experts narrow down the selection. Keep the receipt just in case she wants to exchange!
  5. IF YOU GIVE A VOUCHER, PUT SOME THOUGHT INTO THE PACKAGING: create a romantic gift by placing a love letter and a restaurant voucher from any one of Chapel Street’s many eateries and in an empty bottle of wine – just like a message in a bottle. It’s all about the presentation!
  6. IF YOUR PARTNER IS STRESSED – THIS IS THE ULTIMATE GIFT: A spa day away from you and the kids is exactly what a stressed partner needs, especially if her daily life is hectic. PS – drive home the fact you’ll look after the kids while she’s relaxing. The Norbu Urban Retreat at Chapel Street’s Olsen Hotel is excellent.
  7. FURNITURE – PROCEED WITH CAUTION: Unless you want it to end up on Gumtree on boxing day, only surprise her with a piece of furniture if she has already picked it out or dropped hints for that new West Elm leather loveseat!
  8. BE VERY CAREFUL IF BUYING EXERCISE GEAR: Activewear is hot right now, so why not get her an entire outfit like Lululemon (with some help from the experts in store). Include a note saying how much you love her the way she is and her new workout gear is just something to make her feel extra babe’n!
  9. BUY HER SHOES, BUT HAVE SOME FUN WHILE DOING IT! Girls love shoes, but they are so personal you don’t want to buy her a pair and screw things up. Do this fun trick; gift wrap an old pair of shoes she hates with a card promising a day of shoe shopping on Chapel Street with your credit card!
  10. SHE WILL LOVE A ROMANTIC GETAWAY Surprise your lady with a dreamy escape to one of Chapel Street Precinct’s luxury accommodations like The Cullen, The Olsen or The Como. All just a quick stroll away from some of the world’s best restaurants, bars, shops and more! You could throw in a voucher or let her pick the activities once you’ve arrived.


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