Get Off The Couch – Life’s Waiting on Chapel

The First Instalment
Title – 5-second rule 
Convenience is great, however, businesses cannot survive forever on such thin margins after the likes of Uber Eats take their massive 35% cut from the order and the restaurant net profit. Delivery also damages the quality of the food arriving at your door and in turn the reputation of a business. If we all don’t get back out and dine in, before we know it our favourites may be gone forever or they will just be a closed warehouse with nowhere left to dine in and go out with friends. Get off the couch! #lifeswaitingonchapel

The Second Instalment
Title – The perils of a sedentary lifestyle
Did you leave the house all weekend? Are you looking pale and unhealthy?! Do you lose hours mindlessly scrolling on Facebook and Instagram? Social connections and regular social interaction with friends & family are not only important to your health but the global retail economy. Get off the couch! #lifeswaitingonchapel

The Third Instalment
Title – “It Looks Just Like The Picture” (Expectation vs Reality)
Have you ever bought something online from overseas and it looks NOTHING like the original picture? Have you been scammed by online shopping? Sick of items getting ‘lost’ in the mail? Is it more to post your item back then it was to buy it?
Buying fashion and goods online from overseas impacts our Chapel Street foot-traffic and retail economy. We want you to think twice before you buy online. Get off the couch! #lifeswaitingonchapel

The Fourth Instalment
Title – Dirty fish water
Binge-watching TV shows on streaming services such as Netflix or STAN is a lifestyle change and factor impacting Chapel Precinct foot-traffic & our retail economy.
All we ask is that before you ‘stay in’ and have your life sucked away on social media, or spend all weekend horizontal watching shows back-to-back, you think twice about the impact on your local faves (and the impact on your waistline). Get off the couch! #lifeswaitingonchapel

Get off the couch, life’s waiting on Chapel!

We want to hear your feedback on some major economic issues…

Are delivery apps serving you?
Does online shopping help or hindering your business?
Is the fact that people are staying home more, binge watching streaming services, impacting your business?
Do you think that the increased time people are spending on their couch mindlessly scrolling through their Instagram and Facebook is impacting your business?

YOUR insight will help shape this important discussion.

We hope the awareness from this campaign may help people think twice about ‘staying in’ and potentially wake them up to support their local faves by highlighting the real impact of lifestyle changes.

We want to educate our consumers so, before they spend the whole weekend inside binge viewing on the couch, they understand the impact. Or before they order a dress online from overseas, they understand the impact. Or before they choose to order their dinner via a delivery app, they understand the impact.

CSPA will boldly be the first to come out and at least begin the conversation that sitting on the couch could be killing your local faves.

Chapel Precinct traders say food delivery apps add ‘no value’ to their businesses. Popular Chapel Precinct eateries are ditching Uber Eats and other home delivery apps, with restaurateurs sick of “selling their soul” to the tech they say is also shrinking profits and affecting food and service quality.

Videos produced in partnership with Wildebeest Films, starring actors and homegrown talent Hannah Camilleri and Jackson Tozer from the hot new channel TEN shows ‘Five Bedrooms’ and ‘Mr Black’. 

This humorous campaign will show Melbourians what they are missing out on by staying at home wasting away their best years and that ‘life’s waiting on Chapel’. A different video will be released each week, four in total, for the month duration of this Chapel Precinct campaign.

Check out the below gallery of behind the scenes photos from the filming of this campaign.

WB_logo_black Chapel Street


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