Hamish & Andy have made their own store discount Loyalty Cards that they claim entitles members to save 10% off in every store, everywhere around the world! 

They’ve had tens-of-thousands of people sign up for the card in just a few weeks; having to cap the limit at 30,000 members due to such high demand!

Sounds a bit crazy right!?… In true ’tongue in cheek’ Hamish & Andy fashion, they are just doing it for a laugh!

Watch short video below to wrap your head around their fun concept.

Listen now to their 100th podcast episode where they talk about Chapel Street Precinct!

Post lockdown, Chapel Street Precinct stores will be accepting the discount card, check out the full list of businesses here.


The Hamish & Andy podcast is one of the most popular Australian podcasts, so worth getting involved with, for the chance they might mention your store on the show, or podcast listeners will visit your store after seeing you on the website.
And if for nothing else, it’s just some fun to keep spirits up during this tough time. 

You can also list your store as not accepting the card via the button above 😉 


Stage Four Lockdown Clarity

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We understand the Victorian Government’s announcements made on 3 August 2020 were very vague and somewhat confusing. Click for detailed clarity on who can remain open -or- who has to close during this stage 4 lockdown. Please note, cafes and restaurants are still permitted to continue take-away and home delivery.

Chapel Street Precinct Quarantrees

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Have you seen one of me and smiled? Chapel Street Precincts’s 120 commissioned ‘Quarantree’ artworks have adorned the Precinct’s trees and poles to give residents and business owners a tiny bit of sunshine. Melburnians that live within a 5km radius of Chapel Street Precinct can find them on their one hour permitted exercise walk per day.

Chapel Street The World’s Largest Drive-Thru for Takeaway

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World-class cafes and restaurants in one Drive-Thru!? Chaps got it! Order direct and collect your bag of yummies so more money goes to Australian hospitality workers during stage 4 lockdown. Need some mouthwatering inspo for lockdown 2.0? Check out all our takeaway food options here. *Do not travel more than 5km from home to collect your food and wear a mask whenever you leave the house.

Where to Buy a Mandatory Mask in Chapel Street Precinct

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Remember when you leave your home for one of the four permitted (essential only) reasons to wear a mandatory mask or face-covering! We got you covered, click above to find where you can get yours now and help reduce the COVID-19 spread in our community.