When Gucci reworked their own loafer and turned it into a must-have item for 2017, I poured myself a whisky and celebrated that my inner Grandpa could again shine through.

I am a long-time loafer lover. I had a pair of Armani black leather loafers (because my inner Grandpa is Italian, obvs) for so long, someone actually had to point out that my toe was showing through the front. They weren’t particularly on trend at that time, but I like to think of myself as a season ahead, sometimes by a long shot.

The original Gucci loafer from the 50’s was known for it’s ‘horse bit’ or ‘snaffle bit’ – that shiny, gold or silver bar detail you notice across the front and sounds suspiciously like something off Sesame Street. The ‘horse bit’ said ‘I’m fancier than your standard loafer’ and I have to say, I’m into it. I nearly fell off my lounge the other day when the subject of Gucci came up and a friend asked ‘Isn’t Gucci kinda daggy?’. Whaatttttt? Alessandro Michele has done to Gucci what Jenny Craig has done to Mel B. They are both in everyone’s faces right now, but I sure know which one I’d rather look at. If there is one thing you learn from this post: Gucci is in.

Thankfully, the shoe that goes with both your new Mom Jeans as well as your old dressing gown is now more attainable and even still has the horse-thing. I found the ultimate pair at Tony Bianco that are genuine, soft leather with a good hint of fluff to get you through a Melbourne winter. Long live the loafer.

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