Picture the breeze in your hair and shopping bags tucked safely in the boot, as we glide you past the cars and pedestrian traffic along Chapel Street.

And the best part… it won’t cost you a thing!

EcoCaddy is back this summer to make your visit to Chapel Street Precinct as fun and stress-free as possible.

All you need to do is flag us down and jump on board!

It’ll be hard to miss us, just look for the Paw-on-the-Door on the back of the bikes as they shuffle happy shoppers (and their pooches of course!) up and down the length of our iconic precinct.

Our EcoCaddy’s will be providing the 
FREE service from Wednesdays through to Sundays starting 2nd February for a whole month until mid- March.

So keep an eye out for us and know that a ride with us is also giving back to the environment – with zero carbon emissions when you roll with an EcoCaddy. 

If you are staying at hotels within the precinct, please email admin@chapelstreet.com.au to organise free pick-up to and from your accommodation. Click here for some great options for hotels and short stay accom in the precinct.

Shift times:
Wednesday – Friday 4-8pm
Saturday – Sunday 10am-2pm & 4-8pm

EcoCaddy believe that public transport should be the most convenient, sustainable and affordable way to get around. It should be a service that is people focused and celebrates the importance of the physical connection of places through experiential connections of its users. Their bikes use zero carbon emissions.

We don’t congest, we access

EcoCaddy is legally recognised as a bicycle, so they can use our Chapel Street cycle lanes and go where most other forms of public transport can’t access. This means they are not adding to the problem of congestion and can easily glide through busy Chapel Street at a comparable speed to most other forms of transport, saving you valuable time!

Safety First

Our EcoCaddy’s are fully- insured, 100% road & safety compliant with Australian Pedal-Assist Standard, Transportation Act and are fitted with approved safety belts. EcoCaddy have gone further to ensure the safety of our Chapel passengers by making it mandatory that riders hold a current drivers license, and complete a rigorous training course and are Senior First Aid trained.



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