January 31, 2019

Burn Off Post-COVID Kilos!

Forget washing daily slabs of banana bread down with half a dozen 2pm quarantinis because 2021 is the perfect time to show your bod some much needed TLC. We’ve got the best fitness bizzos on the block bringing you a slew of banana-bread burning post-iso promotions. From gyms, fitness centres and yoga studios, through to pilates, pole dancing and rock climbing, you’ll discover countless ways to sweat up a storm in the Chapel Street Precinct.
September 26, 2017

Doggo Friendly Places in Chapel Street Precinct

It’s well known gossip that Chapel Street Precinct is the perfect doggo playground – almost every retailer on the street welcomes furry friends inside their doors (given that they’re well behaved and the retail staff are allowed pats, of course!) Here’s a list of a few places that you, and your furry buddy, will absolutely love!