Renowned as one of Australia’s top destinations for shopping, bars, clubs, and restaurants, Chapel Street Precinct Association [CSPA] is commemorating the region’s status by holding the inaugural Chapel Champion Awards. The public voted competition will heap praise on the precinct’s heroes and unearth the hidden gems while showcasing the world-class businesses Chapel Street has to offer.

We know if there’s one thing Melburnians are passionate about, it’s burgers. There’s something about a warm, soft, juicy burger that makes life instantly better. The way it feels in your hands (put the knife and fork down you sociopath), the slightly drippy sauce, the delicate rise of the steam as you raise it towards your welcoming mouth.

So, we wanted to unearth the precinct’s most memorable and unique burgers for the ultimate Chapel Precinct burger crawl. Check them out below.

Warning: salivation guaranteed.

Bosozoku HQ – “Sonic – The Egg Hogg”

The burger that will challenge you on a new multi-level journey of deliciousness.

Player One:

His mission begins with a radical, highly classified, Blue Brioche bun recipe that is ready to skillfully run, jump and overcome all obstacles to get into your mouth.

Collect all the extra life points to be gained from the sesame sprinkled exterior and the secret ingredients!

At every stage, his burning desire is to reach this yummy, yet complicated treasure, to unlock the  “Next Level” quarter pounder of freshly ground, seasoned and seared Wagyu beef, with special bonus rounds of Canadian maple streaky bacon and melted cheese thrown in during this ambitious conquest.

On this journey to the ultimate holy grail, a !!!triple!!! scoring 62 degree egg yolk, he must carefully maneuver through a flurry of beetroot mustard and relish, armed with as many golden onion rings as he can grab from his path –  for super extra mega-points!!

Players take your controllers and begin the path to glory. Game on.

Insta: @bosohq

Pablo Escoburgers – “Borracho Burger” [The Drunkard]

The tastiest and also the most alcoholic burger on the market. Which consists of …

Double wagyu beef patties, avocado and jalepeño beer battered pattie, Whisky maple bacon, Bourbon BBQ sauce, Beer and Agave cheese sauce, ketchup leather, Ginger liquor pickled onions, Mezcal infused pineapple, lettuce and pickles on a brioche bun garnished with half a pickle and a Whisky maple bacon rasher and has an optional pickle back on the side. [If your not sure what a pickle back is ask your mates.]

This liver punishing monster is $35 and pickle back side option brings it to $40. Pablo’s is happy to offer multiple pickle backs at this special price if you are sharing the cocktail burger with a friend.

The burger itself without the extra shot on the side contains over 60ml of liquor which they have constructed in a way to best minimise any alcohol being cooked off in the process. A hand selected team of cocktail craftsmen and burger technicians where assembled to pull this off and we know you’ll love it.

Insta: @pablosescoburgers

Hoo Haa – “Winter is Coming”

Winter is coming in Melbourne. Wagyu & braised short rib beef patty, bone marrow, shaved black truffle, jersey blue, foie gras, horse radish and tomato confit, this burger is all about rich warm flavours and what’s even better is the glass of chilled chocolate red wine it comes with. A sweet rich red wine and chocolate infusion made with Shiraz and a secret recipe from the North.

It should be made clear the ingredients are on the pricier side and seasonal which means Hoo Haa will not be able to cook this burger to order. This burger is only available for bookings –

Insta: @hoohaabar

Southside Central – “The Hectic”

Is this Australia’s biggest burger?

-4 Beef Patties
-2 Pieces of Southern Fried Chicken
-6 Layers of Bacon
-6 Layers of Cheese
-6 Mac ‘n’ Cheese Nuggets
-Double Lettuce, Tomato & Onion
-Tonnes of Bacon Relish, Social Mayo & Ketchup

All between 3 lightly toasted buttermilk buns, definitely the ultimate burger if you want to ‘GO BIG’.

Insta: @southsidesocial

RocoMamas – “End Game Burger”

Love your Superheroes? How about a SuperBurger?! The RocoMamas End Game Burger is as good as it gets and with all 6 Infinity Stones in it’s possession it’s bound to change the Burger landscape forever! Includes:

-Double Juicy Hulk SMASH Beef Patties with Ant Man Seasoning
-Double Captain Marvel Emmental Cheese
-Groot Oak Lettuce
-Scarlett Witch Tomato
-Red Skull Onions
-Quad Captain American Streaky Jack Daniels Bacon
-Dr.Strange Onion Rings
-Thors Fatty Mayo
-Fresh GAMORAmole

all on a Black Widow Sesame Seed Milk Bun as well as the Infinity Stone Bombz:

-Time Stone Cheese Bomb
-Power Stone Cheese Bomb
-Space Stone Chilli Cheese Bomb
-Mind Stone Chilli Cheese Bomb
-Reality Stone Jalapeño Cheese Bomb
-Soul Stone Jalapeño Cheese Bomb

and finished with Iron Man Death Sauce with a click of the fingers Ash Parsley.

Insta: @rocomamas

Tommy Ruff Fish Bar – “Ruff ‘n’ Turf”

A carpet bag eye fillet stuffed with oysters and anchovy garlic butter, topped with lobster tail in a wasabi mayo and watercress salad, served in a flaming charcoal bun! Going for $140 a pop, this gastronomic experience marries the opulent past with the decadent present: 70’s carpet bag steak and lobster in a roll.

Insta: @tommyrufffishbar

Herbivore Eatery – “The Robert Borsak”

Herbivore Eatery has come up with the Robert Borsak, aptly named after the political leader of the Shooters, Fishers and Farmers Party, who popularised the term ‘Vegan Terrorists’ last month when activists started targeting farmers with intimidation. This bad boy contains all Herbivore’s super delicious vegetarian patties and natural goodness. They welcome any politician representing the Shooters, Fishers and Farmers Party to come and eat the burger for free – only then will you truly understand how amazing vegetarian food can be!

Insta: @herbivore_chapelst

Kung Fu Burger – Singapore Chili Prawn Omelette Long Burger

Prawn crackers in a burger? We think yes. A Hong Kong and Singapore inspired burger, this one includes a Hong Kong style omelette, the way that Hong Kong chefs make their egg is super silky and smooth. Add a bit of Signature Singapore chilli sauce for a flavour kick that’s full of heat yet refined with a toasted garlic aroma.

Insta: @kungfu_burger

Hello Sam – “Sam VS. Food”

We’re talking:

-2 Angus Beef
-2 Southern Fried Chicken
-4 American Cheddar
-4 Streaky Bacon
-Pulled Pork
-Grilled Onion
-BBQ Sauce
-Hello Sam Sauce

Grab this monster for $35 and challenge yourself to beat their record time or just take it nice and easy.

Insta: @hellosamburgers

Remember to nominate your favourite Chapel Precinct burger joint or retailer in the Chapel Champion Awards before 12 pm on Wednesday, May 22 2019.

Read the story in The Herald Sun, here.

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