Here’s a few things that are iconically Chapel Street that only locals can truly relate to. When you know, you know. No doubt by now you have had the terrifying moment of realising that you’ve joined the activewear brunch brigade.


Knowing what’s in the building above JB HiFi and feeling very smug about it.


Being acutely aware of the change of punter demos on Chapel by the time of day, and dreading the 9 pm weekend switch.


The terrifying moment you realise that you’ve joined the activewear brunch brigade.


Rolling your eyes at the guys in the gym filming each other doing muscle ups for The Gram.


Finally learning where South Yarra, Prahran and Windsor start and end.


Taking your out of town friends/relatives to Jungle Boy because, well, secret bars behind sub shops are veeerrryy Melbourne.


Then taking them to Maker and Monger because you need to introduce them to the best cheese toastie ever made.


Doing a quick check in at the $15 veg box stall at Prahran Market to see if there’s anything good that week.


Grudgingly taking your place in line to buy said vege box because it actually is good.


Complaining about standing in line for the vege because “it never used to be this busy”.


Feeling accomplished after your vege shop and rewarding yourself with a Market Lane Coffee.


Being able to go out for a cheap & cheerful dinner and drink every night of the week. Then doing so often because #treatyoself.


Being deeply traumatised by the month both Coles & Woolies were closed for renovations.


The ‘Hey, that wasn’t there before’ feeling when a new spot opens up out of the blue.


Not knowing what to have for dinner, so just taking a stroll down Chaps until something catches your eye.


Never running out of wine because Liquid HQ, Blackhearts and Sparrows, Dan Murphy’s Cellar, Liquorland and Wine Republic are just a quick stroll away.


Walking past people trying to remember where you know them from… Uh, that’s the barista at Oscar Cooper, buddy.


You’re 100% used to the slight smell of pee down the laneway to the gym.


Knowing all of the dogs’ names at the dog park, but none of the humans. Oops.


Not even batting an eye at the uniquely dressed characters who frequent our main drag.


Having a favourite part of Chapel Street… hello Windsor foodie paradise.


Waking up early on a Saturday to smash a 1 hour class at Body Fit Training… so you can smash a smashed avo at Journeyman without the guilt.


Having a borderline unhealthy knowledge of each bars cocktail list… or happy hour menu.


Having a favourite gelato spot, and being deeply passionate about which you prefer. Team Pidapipo VS. Team Messina.


Doing a happy hour bar crawl from Tyranny of Distance in Windsor, to Zhou Zhou bar in South Yarra.


You’re still working your way through cafes to find the best eggs benne. Brunch is a marathon. Not a sprint.


You’re still working your way through cafes to find the best eggs benne. Brunch is a marathon. Not a sprint.


Never knowing what’s good to eat in the city, because why eat in the city?


Talking about the time you used to live in so and so building when you walk past… every single time.


Coffee is a religion, and you’re very particular about the altar of the caffeine gods you choose to worship


If you live in South Yarra, you spend 90% of your time in South Yarra. Same goes for Windsor.


Prahran? You swing either way.


The feeling of immense chuffed-ness about living in such an iconic community.


Christmas Cocktail Crawl in Chapel Street Precinct

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Chapel Street Precinct boasts the best Cocktails in Australia and this Christmas, wow, do we need a drink! Make the most of Chapel Street Precinct with a Cocktail Crawl along the 2.8km strip as our gift to you from Chapel Street Santa.

New Businesses in Chapel Street Precinct

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Just in time for Christmas, Chapel Street Precinct has welcomed everything from a piano bar, a plant-based pharmacy, to an award-winning Blow Dry Bar & Tea House. Plus world-class cocktails and designers. Check out who's joined this vibrant corridor in Melbourne.

Top Bars in Chapel Street Precinct

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We’ve got the lowdown on the some of the best bars to check out, and we would know because we #getonthebeers. Here’s some of our favourite bars in Chapel Street Precinct.

Best Brunch in Chapel Street Precinct

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Brunch is back on Chaps! Grab a buddy, a pal, or even a BAE and get your brunch on! Check out our list of some of the best places to check out in Chapel Street Precinct.

Dinner Hotspots in Chapel Street Precinct

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Grabbing dinner on Chapel Street is filled with possibilities. Need some help narrowing down the mouthwatering options? Try something off this list! We've broken it down into two categories - fine dining and casual dining - we know you'll have lots of fun working your way down this one.

Outdoor Dining & Beer Garden Hotspots

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It’s time for cocktails and glasses of wine outdoors with friends. Luckily for ya’ll, we know the outdoor dining and beer garden hot spots, where the drinks and meals are tasty and good times ensue.

COVID-19 – Important Local Information

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We are monitoring the evolving situation and will continue to work in partnership with the DHHS as they work to ensure the health & safety of our Chapel Street Precinct community. Click image for up to date information about COVID restrictions in Victoria.

So Soiree Illimunates Chapel Street Precinct

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This Summer, So Soiree will illuminate Chapel Street Precinct with a thought provoking and spectacular lineup of cabaret, circus, comedy and live music performances. From December 2 to 12, Grattan Gardens and Chapel Off Chapel will be lit up to bring you a massive lineup celebrating the best of our independent arts scene.