Five Things I Believe
5 Things…with Graeme Lewsey

I believe I can fly

If I had wings…that feeling when you are slip-streaming through work, organisational duties and life in general with total confidence and positivity generates so much extra momentum that flying is undoubtedly the next evolution. When times are tough it’s always worth looking up into the clouds and focusing on that take off sequence; trust yourself, be mindful, grateful and eradicate fear…then you’re soaring high.


I believe in full stops.

Finish a sentence and breathe. It’s magnificent to do so. I think we’re taught to keep moving forward but don’t take enough time to pause and refocus. Oh and yes, I’m on record for saying “a great pair of stylish shoes is the full stop to a great outfit”, I strongly believe in that too.


I believe fashion is getting unfashionable

It’s always been a slightly awkward word “faaasssshion”. And the “fashion industry” can at times pigeon-hole a plethora of creativity and innovation that supports and drives it.  I’m loving this energy around an “contemporary Australia” movement that encapsulates all sorts of design orientated disciplines from food to architecture to wearable design that all inspire each other. It’s all about celebrating and being a part of the “creative industry”…


I believe we are hurting our planet

I just snorkelled the Great Barrier Reef recently, it’s so abundantly clear. It’s like taking the “Romance and colour” out of a ‘Romance Was Born’ collection. You just wouldn’t. So why are we letting this happen? Take action folks.


I believe in drinking water

Hydration it the key to stabilizing all mood swings. So it’s good for you…and others around you.


With a background in design, Windsor local Graeme Lewsey has spent years working in the fashion industry across Europe and Australia. When he’s not rowing the Yarra or being spotted running around town in a superbly cut-suit, Graeme is known for pushing the boundaries at the Virgin Australia Melbourne Fashion Festival (just wait until you see what we have planned for its 20th year in 2016). We caught Graeme between appointments on his fashionable CEO’s schedule, to tell us about a few things in which he believes.




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